Pop Up Displays

Ideal for graphic murals, pop up trade show displays provide a dynamic, seamless appearance. Pop up Displays are sometimes called a Pop up booths or Portable display, which uses a flexible graphic panel (fabric or other poly laminate material) attached to a frame. When ready to display, the frame is pulled up, and then secured with magnetic bars which holds the graphic up and taut in place. Pop up displays can be used individually, or in series, such as 20 FT Gullwing or 20 FT Serpentine. Like most Portable displays, they are normally very lightweight, and can be easily transported and set up without any need of on site labor support. The components are often made from very lightweight materials, and transported in wheeled rotomolded durable case. Most often curved in shape, they are also now popular as straight walls with attached graphic mural graphics. Pop Up Displays set up quickly, easily, and are perfect for making a great impression with your trade show exhibits. Although we offer them at a great price, they are made with top of the line large format materials and imaging. See our range of retractable banner stands below.


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