AS EASY AS 1 - 2 - 3

  • Select a display and place your order online - prepare your artwork using the dimensions on the product page.(Need help? We can design it for you)
  • Upload your graphics following instructions from Upload Files. We'll review your art and email you a proof.
  • Upon proof approval, we'll get to work on your order. Items will be sent directly to you within 7 to 10 working days.  (subject to availability)

Payment Method:   

We take credit cards through Paypal, and wire transfers. We will send the item to you within 1-2 days after your payment is cleared. 

X-Prints Paypal account : 

Credit Card Users can use the SEND MONEY feature on Paypal website to make direct payment using their credit cards to our Paypal account, or We can sent a Paypal payment request email from our Paypal account directly to your email address or your Paypal account.

Sending your file: 

You can send us your artwork by using the following methods:-  

1. via or 
Send your artwork files via email directly to 

2. via download link from clients' website. 

note: Please do not email photos or images via email as it will clogged up our email server. Once your artwork is received, we will thoroughly review the artwork for any problems. Always be sure to reference either your order number or company name with any artwork being submitted. 

Important Information for Graphics Upload:

  • All uploaded graphics should be in CMYK format, PDF, JPG or TIFF format only.
  • Image files should have a minimum of 150 dpi in high resolution, file size should be around 30Mb.
  • Printed graphics may vary from what it appears on your computer monitor.
  • Output Requirement
    1) The highest quality output is created from Photoshop CMYK TIFF files. For “raster” graphics, the larger the file, the better your output. We occasionally print full-graphic displays from files less then 100MB. However, files of 300-600MB have much more detail and look noticeably better.
    2) If using any program other than Photoshop, be sure all image are saved in CMYK format. Setup files at 100% of final size and 150 DPI/PPI (300 DPI/PPI at 50%).
    Leave images in CMYK mode for best results. Minimum acceptable levels are 100-110DPI/PPI for graphics and 100-120DPI for photographs.
    3) DO NOT increase both image size and image resolution of your file without rescanning. Artificially increasing image resolution in a program like Adobe Photoshop will reduce image quality by making the image appear out of focus and fuzzy.
    4) Select Pantone colors directly (do not “build” colors). Do not overlap vector & raster graphics of the same color.
    5) All images placed or embedded into documents shout be included separately, in addition to the completed file. Convert all text to paths (or curves).

X-Prints Displays ships products to New York, Los Angeles, Europe and many other destinations worldwide everyday. 

Shipping Charges do apply to Non-US & Canada and Germany Countries.
Contact us via on your final destination. 

After received the file and the payment, we will print the banner. Our turnaround require 48 hours and will take like this:

File received

Ship out time

Monday before GMT 01:00

Wednesday GMT 01:00

Tuesday before GMT 01:00

Thursday GMT 01:00

Wednesday before GMT 01:00

Friday GMT 01:00

Thursday before GMT 01:00

Monday GMT 01:00

Friday before GMT 01:00

Tuesday GMT 01:00

Delivery Time:  (is based on the fact that payment is received and graphics has been uploaded) 
Items will be sent directly to you within 7 to 10 working days. (subject to availability)

Other Printing Needs:
We have a full line of display equipment.  Contact us via if you have specific needs and requirements.